Welcome to your 9 o clock news, here’s a look at your top stories. I’m Maria Danvers, Victor Iilos is on vacation. New Madison police are baffled tonight as another vicious gang battle leaves 9 dead, including 3 bystanders. The gun battle happened right outside of the South Tower sprawl, around dusk. Police spokesperson Daria Grumstead stated that the fight seemed to be brought on over a bad drug deal. In economic news, AA megacorp Weyland-Yutani and AAA powerhouse Ares have begun to negotiate a transfer of the local W-Y aerospace division, creating an Ares presence here in new Madison. The deal would involve a large land buy surrounding the W-Y compound, causing some uproar in the local community. We’ll have an interview with the lead organizer of that protest later tonight. All this, plus Grok “Slam” Grawmush’s “Slamtacular” sportscast and your local weather, after the break.


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